Sharing Festivals

Religious festivals and holidays can be a great opportunity for relationship and partnership between people from different faith communities. They present a simple opportunity for us to share our special occasions with others and to experience something of theirs as well. Our Sharing Ramadan events have been particularly successful over the last five years, especially in Cardiff and Bristol. We partner with local mosques who generously host groups of non-Muslims during the Iftar meal (evening breaking of the fast).

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Other Programmes

Peace Feast

Sharing a meal together gives people from different cultures and faiths the opportunity to meet and build friendships.

Sharing Festivals

We bring people together around religious festivals and feasts — like Ramadan and Christmas — to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes.


This project provides one-to-one support for refugees and asylum-seekers in Bristol, who may be isolated or struggling.

Bristol Welcome Events

We organise special events and days out for refugees and asylum seekers, giving them a break from the challenges of daily life.

Cultural Exchange

We organise trips to connect people in the UK and the Middle East, facilitating opportunities for perceptions to be changed and for friendships to be built.


We provide cultural awareness training for working crossculturally, and refugee support training for groups working with refugees, asylum-seekers, and vulnerable migrants.


We enable refugees to take a step towards employment by tutoring people in conversational Arabic.