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Connecting People Across Cultures
Refugee social event at Ogmore beach

Refugees and asylum seekers are faced with many challenges as they seek to rebuild their lives in the UK, and it can often feel impossible to find the time to simply relax, have fun, and connect with others who have been through similar experiences. Our programme of Refugee Social Events aims to ease this difficulty, giving refugees and asylum seekers the chance to take a break from the challenges of daily life and simply enjoy a fun day out.

April may not be the best month for a trip to Weston beach in terms of the weather, but when you've not left the city all winter, even the half hour coach journey through the countryside, past fields full of lambs and blossoming trees can be refreshing for the soul.

On Sunday 4th February 2018, 85 people from our befriending programme came together for a lunch party at Easton Community Centre in Bristol. 

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