We were so excited to join Hartcliffe Methodist Church for our first Peace Feast in BS13, and what a wonderful evening it was! Our guest musician Soufian Saihi set the atmosphere with uplifting Middle Eastern riffs and our MasterChef, Nisreen, cooked up a hearty Egyptian Feast of Kushari, with Basbousa for dessert, (a soft, syrupy […]

We were delighted to join Redland Quakers for a wonderful Peace Feast on Saturday night! After a delicious meal of Syrian mansaf cooked by Lara, we were treated to a speech by Muna Talha from Refugee Women of Bristol. Muna captured the heart of Peace Feast so eloquently. Highlights included hearing how she and her […]

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting two really memorable Peace Feasts this Spring, with some great friends, old and new. In March, we gathered 90 people with Bristol’s Sudanese Community Association at the Asian Day Centre for a scintillating Sudanese evening. While guests tucked into a delicious feast, we were serenaded by Bristol’s own Nabra, a […]