Get Equipped

Get equipped with our range of top tips, resources and How To guides on everything from learning a language to organizing your own Peace Feast!

This is a new section we’re launching in 2024 so stay tuned for updates as we build our library of resources.

Explore a new Language

Thanks to Suus, project manager of Refulingua for these 7 Top Tips for learning a language:

For an inspired response to the question, Why bother learning a language when everyone speaks English? check out this accompanying article.

You can also download this resource sheet with tips, extra links and recommended reading:

Explore different Cultures

Run your own Peace Feast

Our webpage has tons of resources that will help you to put on a special evening bringing together people of different backgrounds around a shared meal. Visit Peace Feast – Food | Stories | Friendship

You can also download a full ‘How To’ guide here:

Training Opportunities

We offer a range of training courses that help develop cultural awareness and equip people and organisations to be more welcoming and inclusive in today’s diverse and interconnected world. 

Check them out here!