Our Impact

We are creating kinder, fairer and more welcoming communities where people of different cultures, races and faiths live well together.

We do this by facilitating connection and relationship between people of different backgrounds in Bristol, by welcoming those who have fled war and persecution and enabling them to use their skills here, and by sharing our knowledge and resources with others who share our vision and values. 

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Bridges plays an important role in creating safe places for people from different communities to come together and learn about and from each other.

There would be less opportunity for different communities and cultures to meet and understand each other without Bridges.

Connecting & Inspiring

Growing our understanding and empathy for one another, reducing fear and intolerance and influencing action in Bristol.

Peace Feast

Our Peace Feast events are at the heart of what we do at Bridges, giving people from different backgrounds the opportunity to meet and build friendships over a meal. The events help to increase people’s awareness of the diverse communities in the city, their understanding of other cultures and faiths, and their sense of connection.

I absolutely loved every aspect: the food, the music, the stories and the encounters. The space was held with much joy and gentleness.”

School Linking

Bristol School Linking is building relationships between children across our city. School linking twins year 5 classes from Bristol’s different communities. It encourages a sense of togetherness, challenges prejudice and stereotypes and contributes to a more cohesive city.

I think we should live together by being friends and not judging people by how they look like.

Welcoming & Enabling

Providing a hospitable city that connects refugees and asylum seekers into local communities, improving confidence and wellbeing, and enabling people to use their skills.


b.friend provides one-to-one support for some of the most isolated and vulnerable members of the refugee and asylum-seeking community in Bristol. We receive referrals from partners agencies, and our trained volunteers then meet regularly with their partner to provide friendship, support and connection with the local community.

“During our meetings, we did not set big goals. The most important thing we did was communication. We went to a museum or interesting places in the city. But most importantly, we talked a lot. (She) helped me open a bank account or make an appointment, a lot of help with various household issues.

It is difficult to choose the best moment, as I was always glad of every meeting. (She) is always incredibly supportive and motivating. Communication with (my befriender) helps
me to better understand British society. Helps me not to feel lonely. Thank you so much for your very important work for me in integrating me into British society.”

Resettlement Support

In 2022 we partnered with Bristol City Council’s resettlement team to help welcome 38 families into houses in Bristol, and 53 families into temporary accommodation in the city. We also continue to provide support for families who arrived the previous year from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan.

When I first came I didn’t know how to respond to people in English or what to do, now I’m more confident with English, I can introduce myself, and speak better with people

L, Afghanistan

Bristol Welcome Events

Our programme of Bristol Welcome Events helps refugees and asylum seekers connect with others, have some fun, and find some respite from the challenges of daily life.

It was a wonderful trip. We were in need
of a trip like this. Bristol is so beautiful,
thank you so much.

D, Syria

Stitching Together

Stitching Together is the new name for our sewing project formerly known as Craft Collective. It provides welcoming spaces for refugee and asylum seeking women in Bristol to be creative and make beautiful and useful textile based art, clothes, and homewares, while gaining confidence and making friends.

I used to have to go everywhere with my husband or family but now I can go by myself on buses, and I got to the mosque after sewing class.

My English has also improved, and I can introduce myself. I enjoy Fridays, it is a great day for me!

R, Afghanistan

Walk With Me

Walk With Me gives refugees and asylum seekers the opportunity to meet local people, walk in green spaces, practise their English, and enjoy some exercise together at the same time.

It is so nice to go to a new place. It is beautiful here. Thank you so much for bringing us here, we will benefit for a long time.

P, Syria

Resourcing & Equipping

Helping people to understand other cultures and traditions, and to feel more hopeful and confident so they can take action to build more welcoming communities.


Refulingua is a grassroots language project that organises language and culture classes taught by people of refugee and migrant background. Tutors are able to develop new skills, meet new people, and gain work experience through teaching their native language. RefuLingua also challenges the possible stereotype of refugees being only recipients, creating space in which they can demonstrate and share their skills with others.

I feel that my ability to make conversation really increased with this class, and I got to know some lovely, really interesting people at the same time.


Cultural Awareness Training

We offer a range of training courses that develop cultural awareness and equip people and organisations to be more welcoming and more effective in relating to today’s interconnected world. This year;

  • 24 people have attended our ‘Welcome to the UK’ training
  • 130 people from host communities have attended our ‘Welcoming Refugees’ sessions
  • 70 people attended our Cultural Awareness sessions

Thank You

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who have given their time and energy to support people and help make Bristol a more welcoming and inclusive city.

We’d also like to say a sincere thanks to all of the individuals who generously support our work – none of this could happen without you!

And finally, we’d like to thank the many organisations who have supported our work this year with strategic, financial or in-kind contributions.

Download to read the full impact report.