What We Do

We are a Bristol based charity that connects people of different cultures, races and faiths, enabling them to build friendships, grow in their understanding of one another and live well together .

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The Problem

Our society is fractured and divided. Political views are polarised, hate crime is on the rise, government policies towards refugees and immigrants are hardening, and our asylum system is widely acknowledged to be broken. The latest census figures show Britain to be increasingly diverse, and yet diversity is seen by some to be a problem rather than something to be celebrated. In Bristol, where we are based, systemic inequalities exist along lines of race and class, reinforcing the perception that this is a segregated city.

The Solution

And yet there is hope. Much of the mistrust and division is caused by stereotypes and misperceptions that are rooted more in the distance between people (the fact that they don’t know one another or interact meaningfully) than in the differences between them. By connecting people of different cultures and faiths, we can enable them to understand one another better and recognise their shared humanity. By working together to make our communities more welcoming for people who have fled war and persecution, we can build bridges and enable people of different backgrounds to live well together.

We do this in 3 ways:

1) Connecting & Inspiring

local people & communities in Bristol

Growing our understanding and empathy for one another, reducing fear and intolerance, and influencing action.

Peace Feast

Gathering people around food and stories

School Linking

Bringing children together through classroom connections

Sharing Festivals

Building understanding by sharing religious festivals

I enjoyed the sense of community, of sharing time together and bringing people together with food and beautiful music. I also enjoyed learning about different cultures and hearing about experiences different to my own. It was such a positive evening!

Peace Feast

2) Welcoming & Enabling

refugees & asylum seekers in Bristol

Creating a hospitable city that connects people into local communities, improves confidence and wellbeing, and enables people to use their skills.


One-to-one support for asylum seekers & refugees

Resettlement Support

Welcoming families who have fled war and persecution

Stitching Together

Welcoming spaces where refugee women sew together

Walk With Me

One-to-one and group walks to improve people’s wellbeing

The first month was so difficult for me to be here by myself. I was in my room all day. I wasn’t going out. I’d barely talk with people. [Now], whenever I go out with [my befriender], my whole week would be so amazing. I think she is a blessing for me in my life.


3) Resourcing & Equipping

individuals & organisations in Bristol & beyond

Helping people to understand other cultures and traditions, and to feel more hopeful and confident so they can take action to build more welcoming communities.

Cultural Awareness Training

Equipping people to thrive in an interconnected world

Volunteer Resources

Tips, tools and inspiration for bridge builders


Language & culture classes taught by people of refugee and migrant backgrounds

We learnt so much about Middle Eastern culture, all of which will be so helpful to us in understanding and supporting the Syrian family we hope to welcome.

Cultural Awareness Training

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