Listening Spaces

Building on the work we have done connecting local communities through Peace Feasts, Bristol School Linking and Sharing Festivals, we are now looking to create a new Listening Spaces initiative in Bristol in the coming months.

Listening spaces are events and activities that facilitate intentional listening and dialogue between people of different cultures, races, faiths, social class and political opinionsThrough this listening and dialogue we can build understanding, increase empathy and influence action, so that we are better equipped to live well together.

Facilitated Dialogue Events | Special evening or weekend events that facilitate dialogue and listening between people of different views.

Regular Dialogue Groups | Small groups that meet regularly to encourage deeper connections, providing an opportunity to share their life story, faith, or viewpoint.

Inter-Community Events | Connecting different groups to share their experience of living within the same city.

Dialogue & Mediation Training | Training people and organisations in dialogue, mediation and conflict resolution.

Social Action Projects | Uniting different groups through shared goals that benefit of our city.

 I think Sharing Ramadan is important because a lot of frictions in communities happen because of ignorance, and I think that one of the best ways to get over that is to educate each other… We need to foster mutual respect to increase understanding between our communities.