Get Equipped

We have created a range of tips, resources and ‘how to’ guides to help you connect with people from different backgrounds in your community and create welcoming spaces for those who may not yet feel they belong.

How To…

You can help connect with and welcome others by learning a language or running a Peace Feast. Check back here through the year as we add more resources for you.

7 Top Tips for Learning a Language

Watch the video, read the article ‘But everyone speaks English anyway’, and download the top tips for learning a language.

“Learning another language sends a profound and very human message. It says, ‘I see you, I hear you, and I want to understand you.” ~Susannah, RefuLingua

Run a Peace Feast in Your Community

A Peace Feast brings people from different cultures and faiths together around a meal to build understanding and friendship. We have created a guide to help you, whether you want to connect with with a few of your neighbours, the whole street, or most of the surrounding community. Download the guide below or browse the Peace Feast website.

Explore Different Cultures

Our communities are greatly enriched by the diversity of cultures, faiths and traditions that exist in them. Today we have access to different food, music, perspectives, and knowledge from around the world that are an asset to our society and something to be celebrated. Hear from Mohammed and Jennie as they talk about their Afghan and Ukrainian culture.

Introduction to Afghan Culture

Introduction to Ukrainian Culture

Cultural Awareness Training

We offer a range of training courses that help develop cultural awareness and equip people and organisations to be more welcoming and inclusive in today’s diverse and interconnected world.