Partner with us

Together we can work to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our communities.

We are building a more cohesive society, where people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths live well together. But we can’t do it alone. It is only through partnering with others that we can increase our impact and achieve what we set out to do.

Our communities are greatly enriched by the diversity of cultures, faiths and traditions that exist in them. Today we have access to different food, music, perspectives and knowledge from around the world that are an asset to our society and something to be celebrated.

And yet, for some, diversity is seen to be ‘a problem’, something to be wary of rather than celebrated. These feelings are often rooted in  misconceptions of people from different backgrounds and can cause mistrust, leading to an increase in social exclusion, prejudice and even hate crime. 

But there is hope.

By connecting people and building understanding, we can break down the stereotypes that create barriers between us. As those barriers disappear, we begin to recognise the intrinsic value in others, celebrate the richness in diversity and look to build common ground in our similarities, while not ignoring or minimising our differences.

Measuring Impact

It is important that we see measurable change in individuals and communities. Our Theory of Change connects the need, our role, and the change we hope to see.

Impact Report

Each year we produce an impact report, which showcases some of the highlights of our work through the year.

Strategy 2023-25

Our work has evolved over the past decade but this is still more to be done. We are excited to share with you our strategy until the end of 2025. 

Bridges plays an important role in creating safe places for people from different communities to come together and learn about and from each other. There would be less opportunity for different communities and cultures to meet and understand each other without Bridges

Join Us

Each year we partner with individuals, organisations and funders to create a society where people of different cultures, races and faiths live well together. Whether you are a business, trust or foundation, charity, arts centre, sports club, community group or provide professional services, we’d love to hear from you about how we can work together towards this vision.