Resettlement Support

Welcoming resettled refugee families in Bristol

In partnership with the Bristol City Council, we recruit and train volunteers to help resettled families become independent living in the UK. Volunteers provide befriending support and help with a variety of everyday tasks to see families from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan become independent.

When I first came I didn’t know how to respond to people in English or what to do, now I’m more confident with English, I can introduce myself, and speak better with people.

L, Afghanistan

Since I met M, my eyes have been opened to the difficulties that refugees encounter when they leave their country of origin and settle in a new land.

I think the voluntary sector in the UK is amazing and many companies and organisations such as your own wouldn’t be able to function without this large army of willing volunteers.

I’m so pleased that I’m able to help M adjust to his new way of living, not forgetting of course that I have already learnt so much from M’s experiences in the country that he fled that he has so openly related to me.

Steve, Bristol

I just wanted to feedback on how amazing one of your task volunteers has been.

M has picked up two tasks, one was building a shed and the other was helping to link the TV and broadband, both of which he completed successfully.

This has made a huge difference to the family and they speak very highly of him.

Jo, Support Worker


If you would like to welcome an asylum seeker or refugee isolated in Bristol and you have 1.5-2 hours a week spare, then sign up to volunteer today to make a positive difference in the lives of those new to Bristol.