Walk With Me

We connect refugees and asylum seekers into local communities, while promoting regular exercise, benefitting both physical and mental wellbeing. Walk With Me provides opportunities to practise spoken English, meet someone new, and to explore the neighbourhood or new spaces.

Walk With Me was launched during the nationwide lockdowns in 2020, providing meaningful human connections during difficult periods of uncertainty. Walks with others in nature continue to provide valuable spaces to begin to get to know others and share a memorable experience together.

I am enjoying the walks – it’s good for my body and brain. Caitlin has become a good friend. I have enjoyed face to face conversation, learning expressions and new words – it has been a good opportunity to practice English. I enjoy knowing that someone is coming to support me and to share my daily life.


We organise a group walk twice a month, usually on weekends. Each walk will be in a different location around Bristol, and will be linked with a local organisation or group of people.

Walk With Me is supported by: