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St Pauls Peace Feast

We were delighted to join friends new and old in St Pauls for a wonderful evening celebrating International Women’s Day! Our guest musicians Ozcan and Taban provided a powerful harmony of Turkish and Kurdish sounds and our chefs, Nejat and Ihsaan cooked up a delicious Moroccan tagine which was as tasty as it was beautiful to behold!

We were treated to two guest speakers for International Women’s Day. Viviane Bowell inspired us with stories of life in Egypt as a young Jewish girl, her first experiences of England, and the joys and struggles of holding multiple identities and senses of belonging. Tara Miran built on Viviane’s story with her own insights into growing up with multiple identities as a Kurdish woman, with a Columbian husband in a diverse neighbourhood in Bristol.

Tara inspired everyone to overcome whatever barriers come our way with a deep belief in empowerment, and she finished by inviting women to adopt spaces where their voices aren’t always heard, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas. The combination of stories unfolding, struggles overcome and a bright future left the audience inspired and ready to seek new expressions of empowerment in their own communities.

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the evening, there was a warm and friendly vibe all evening and we’re looking forward to more events in St Pauls in future.