School Linking Stories

School Linking – Summer 2023

Over the last academic year 16 schools and 32 classes have been partnered in Bristol! In the last couple of months, it’s been a real joy to see schools meeting in person for the first time.

We are so grateful to our partner organisations for hosting these visits. Schools have met and attended workshops together hosted by the Arnolfini, Bristol Beacon, the RWA and St Paul’s Carnival.

When asked about the impact of school linking on their pupils, teachers used the following words:

“It really was a great experience for our children, which they got so much from; they have all been talking lots about their new friends! We are really looking forward to continuing with the scheme of work”

“Our linking school’s trip to Arnofilni was a fantastic opportunity to meet our linked school after a buildup of lessons and web call, where we got to know each other. The trip was brilliantly run and well-aimed at the target age, giving them an opportunity to work together and share their interests and ways of thinking. Our schools are from different demographics, which gave both classes a chance to meet children from different backgrounds. This was particularly valuable.”

“They have loved making links with other children and thinking about other children’s perspectives. Other positives were: learning more about the area of Bristol, getting out of their close bubble, encouraging links between people in football teams and outside of school, they are super excited to meet them this year, helps them to reflect on their own values, great links to PSHE/ Art and English”