RefuLingua - Arabic Tutoring Pilot Project

Do you want to learn Arabic with a refugee in Bristol?

RefuLingua is a language tutoring program that employs Syrian and other Arabic speaking refugees to work as Arabic language tutors in Bristol.

Our tutors focus on conversational Arabic to get you chatting as quickly as possible and can cater from absolute beginner to advanced levels. Classes are usually 1:1 and 60 minutes long.

You can take as many classes as you would like, although for beginners we recommend a course of ten to build up knowledge and confidence

Classes are £10/ hour long class, all of which goes straight to the tutor themselves.

If this sounds good and you would be interested in studying Arabic with us, please get in with Rose Codner (RefuLingua Project Manager):
Please let us know the following:

- Your motivation to learn Arabic (e.g. Work? Tourism? Religious reasons?)
- Your locality, or if you are prepared to travel to central Bristol for a class
- Your level
- If you are a beginner, would you like to learn the Arabic alphabet, or concentrate on speaking only
- Your gender

This is to help us match you quickly with the nearest and most suitable tutor for you. Please also leave your email address or preferred method of contact and we will get back to you about your inquiry within a week.

Some things to consider......

There are many types of Arabic! Most books, courses and online resources are designed to teach Modern Standard Arabic – this is a literary language understood across the Arabic speaking world, but nobody actually speaks it. With our program, you will focus on spoken Arabic. The Arabic language is spoken from Morocco across to Iraq, and there are at least as many dialects as there are countries. The majority of our tutors are from Syria and so will teach the Syrian - Levantine dialect. This will allow you to communicate with people from Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, although people from other countries will understand you too. If you'd like to learn another dialect, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate you.

More about the project

From June to December 2018, Bridges for Communities is running a pilot project which enables refugees in Bristol to work as Arabic language tutors, and enables others to benefit from the opportunity that learning Arabic presents. We aim to enable refugees to take a step towards employment in the UK, and to grow in their confidence and well being as they teach others their language - to enable British people to gain an insight into a new language and culture as they learn Arabic and interact with their refugee tutor.

For refugees who are seeking to rebuild their lives in the UK, finding employment can be a major challenge, and that their lack of proficiency in English is often held up as the primary barrier to finding a job. We want to turn this on its head and say that refugees’ language skills should be seen as an asset and not a barrier. We feel passionately about enabling refugees and asylum seekers to use the skills and assets that they bring with them to this country, including the languages that they speak.