Peace Feast Stories

Redland Quakers Peace Feast

We were delighted to join Redland Quakers for a wonderful Peace Feast on Saturday night! After a delicious meal of Syrian mansaf cooked by Lara, we were treated to a speech by Muna Talha from Refugee Women of Bristol.

Muna captured the heart of Peace Feast so eloquently. Highlights included hearing how she and her husband Mohammed Elsharif have shared food with the homeless every Christmas time along with others from Muslims4Bristol, and how their background in Sudan gave them a positive experience of interfaith friendship between Christians and Muslims.

Thanks to everyone who made the event possible and who shared their stories with us, especially Jenni from Redland Quakers and Dijwar Khalil, our wonderful musician.

Here are some comments from guests:

  • “A wonderful crossing path and culture, language and food
  • “A lovely evening connecting with people over a tasty meal. I enjoyed hearing Muna’s story, and it gave me many things to reflect on.”
  • “It felt very inclusive and peaceful with beautiful music in the background.”
  • “This is a wonderful way to learn and get to know people from different cultures.”